Dezember 2022

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ID Zendesk Ticket No. Title Description
51203 Performance: OrgImport/Aris-Migration: Saving into SQL database takes ages Increased performance of stored procedure to store data after import.

Enhanced Excel data import (only import, creation) with settings to disable release/expiry.

49961 Performance: Detail Content/Roles: Reverse Groups loading too slowly Increased performance for evaluation of reversed related context (evaluation groups in the detail content)
51747 ZD#5743 Manual export file missing with chinese In Web config added parameter where future non exportable characters could be added, the will be replaced with white space. In this case the § sign was added as white space.
51736 ZD#5770 Excel Mass Data Translation Import – Approval Tasks missing after import with status change Fixed missing state of release workflow tasks after import of elements with changed state via Excel translation import.

Automation task as Work-Around is attached to the bug.

50908 ZD#5663


Edit attributes dialogue shows optional attribute as mandatory for repository data Attributes that have been made mandatory for one element type, will no longer affect the change state dialog of other element types.
22278 ZD#2535
Document: Syncfusion: before extended characters empty spaces are added if bullet points are used In a document in doc/docx/pdf format empty spaces appear within a word or between words and punctuation marks (quotes) if text is copied from Word.
52086 New button is enabled even if user has no permissions If sub creation is disabled and user is not architect or admin the „new“ button and „name“ field is disabled.

If user does not have permission to create new objects „new“ button is disabled.

52186 New Document Template: Content Flags are ignored on release When creating and releasing a new sub-process manual and selecting content flags, these are ignored after release when switching to viewer mode.
20318 ZD#5797 Filtering: TableEditor unsupported If a user used the table-view for processes it is possible to filter or sort in some collumns . Both (filtering & sorting) should be possible in all columns

Table filtering for related items was not working when the related item has a stereotype set, the filter did not look for items but for stereotypes, now fixed by looking into sub adapters if nothing is found in ItemSource.

29811 ZD#3597 Favorite widget does not show favorites with sharing feature activated Favorite widget on start page does not show favorites with feature „Sharing favorites“ activated.
40565 ZD#4580 Favorite Sharing dialog: User list cannot be filtered for (de)activated users Deactivated users should not be in the list, only for Admin are visible
52090 Excel Mass Data Translation Import – Tags are not imported
52431 ZD#5828 Editors do not see documents or processes that are in the state „in Process“ in News-Widget/News-List


In the news list and news widget Viewers see all last published version of the document object or process object, while Editors are not shown any versions of a document or process which is in state „in process“
40917 MassEdit: The „Edit…“ button is greyed out on some facets