Oktober 2021

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23792 ZD#3145, ZD#3153, ZD#3535 Global search: stereotype filter: free text search does not show results The stereotype filter drop down does not show all available stereotypes (only 15) and it is not possible to search by entering only a part of the name. In addition more stereotypes are displayed than are acutally used in this database.
21171 ZD#3977 Stereotypes: Task does not show the icon if stereotype is set Show stereotype symbol on tasks.
39480 ZD#4361 Process comparison shows no changes, dialogue window is doubled up In the process comparison „changes“ are not shown in dialogue window. Besides two dialogue windows are opened instead of one.
40352 ZD#4555, ZD#4506 Scope Filter: Favorites flyout dialog does not open if Scope filter is set and hide empty filter is active Favorite dialog cannot be shown if a scope filter is set with scope filter option „Hide empty filters“.
41117 ZD#4630, ZD#4674, ZD#4693, ZD#4605 Reporting: Missing Primary System in Report „Process Hierachy Extended“ In the „Process Hierarchy Extended“ Report the „Primary system“ column is not filled in.
41673 ZD#4627, ZD#4715 Scope Filter: Diagram widget does not work with hide empty filters on categories Diagram widgets for categories on HOME site are not shown if „Hide empty fields“ is activated in Scope filter.
19430 ZD#2436, ZD#3434, ZD#4408 Generated PDF does not contain specific Word drawings and missing text in heading (SyncFusion) If the checkmark is set in word documents that a pdf file is to be created upon release, words are subsequently missing from this pdf file, spaces are added and entire graphics disappear.
39902 Viewer mode: Incorrect total-value in the list of objects (Expired counted in total) Expired content is no longer visible in viewer mode.