September 2022

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ID Zendesk Ticket No. Title Description
46890 Favorite Manager/Performance: Long loading initially Loading dialog is opened so that messsage „no entries exist“ is not shown if user has many favorites, performance in Favorite Manager increased
Mail Service: Weekly mails are not being sent on the next day if sending fails

IsValidProperty returns true, but the property is not allowed on the types Only valid properties are returned by the GetProperties method in the data sources.
50022 Request List: @Me filter not working
49961 Performance: Detail Content/Roles: Reverse Groups loading too slowly
50278 ZD#5582 Missing shapes in graphical comparison When creating a new version and deleting an input/end path of the process, the graphical version comparison does not show the deleted shapes with an (X)
46903 SAP SolMan: Root category with title „Unknown“ in Documents architecture Der Name ist in den Aufrufen der „Baumansicht“ nicht enthalten
50174 ZD#5555 Extended Config: Custom Attribute not available in Change Attributes dialogue if hidden for viewer Custom Attributes are not available in „Change attributes“ dialogue if hidden for viewer (Only for viewer checkbox set)
50239 Renameable strings should contain all available culture variants Add renaming possibilities to tool tips and descriptions of already renameable text keys
50661 Excel Data Import: New Versions created when no changes
46147 Exclusive Checkout not possible if Sub Process is not selected Bearbeitung aktivieren funktionierte nicht, wenn Formen wie Aufgaben ausgewählt sind
32966 ZD#3857 Method: Gateways like XOR/OR/AND show event type in Detail Content XOR, AND, OR show the attribute „Event type“ in detail content.
50793 ZD5624# Unify behaviour of MyTasks/MyInfo buttons in header bar In different browsers (Firefox/Chrome) the highlighting of the MyInfo/MyTasks buttons in the toolbar behave differently if there is a finished task
50628 Navigation: Nav Deeper for Hierarchy start nodes missing
59853 ZD#5609: NavDeeper button is missing in views Fixed missing navigation buttons in editor graphics of views containing shapes of other views.
49994 Excel MassData Editing Export: Not supported Attributes should be removed
51112 ZD#5675 Manual export file missing with chinese Extended document export regarding additional uses of chinese characters (like full width quotes) to support conversion to pdf and docx
27626 ZD#3344 RETEST: Review facet: Connected (released) objects cannot be opened in Review view In Review view Detail Content of connected released objects cannot be opened by Reviewer.
27033 ZD#3297 List Filter drop-down has incorrect sort order and free text search is case sensitive Filter drop down content is not alphabetically. Free text search is case sensitive and only the text beginnings are useable for the search.
35590 ZD#4091
FactSheets: Layout of arrows in List Widgets not correct and bad line breaks Display of lists in fact sheets is not correct for categories.
28233 ZD#3420 Excel Export for inputs/outputs: Stereotypes missing In the Excel export for inputs/outputs, the ’stereotypes‘ are missing.
22224 ZD#3648
Variants: Graphical Comparison/Taskboard: Detail Content ComparisonView link to redirects to graphic instead of Comparison View Release workflow tasks contain links to comparison view which is not working for processes and not available at all for repository objects.
2498 Variants: Delocalization does not reset all attributes
21195 RETEST: Variant update does not work on coronas
51412 ZD#5731
Editor Graphic/mxGraph: Text stencils are losing position after switching to Symbio SVG Editor Graphic/mxGraph: Text stencils are losing position after switching to Symbio SVG
46673 ZD#5218 Extended Configuration: Type is shown in DC instead of the Name if Name is configured in Extended Config as mandatory
51733 ZD#5766 Sorting „all requests“ does not work properly When opening „all requests“ for the first time, the requests will be sorted without any logic. They should be displayed from new to old (created on date)