Juni 2022

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ID Zendesk Ticket No. Title Description
45984 ZD#5125 ExtConfig: Same values in dropdown The same value appears multiple times in the dropdown
SolMan Bugfixes / Updates Various optimizations
23461 ZD#2772 Process Matrix: Description text truncated inconsistantly In the Customer matrix and Process matrix short Description texts are chopped whereas long texts are fully displayed.
47469 Valid: Changes to „Start of Validity“ date are not provided to WebJobScheduler after Release state is reached
46965 ZD#5252 The Chinese content is not printed in the pdf for Viewer
42443 ZD#4791 PermaLink „Link to Version“ goes always to the valid version for the Viewer when using webjobscheduler Permalink does not navigate to the links versions but always to the „valid & released“ version
38594 ZD#4547 Status change Dialogue contains also deleted pictures from Editor graphic The removed editor grafik is still in status change dialogue
40952 ZD#4575


Change State Dialog shows attribute „Review date“ also for items where it is methodically not allowed The attribute „Review date“ is configured only for main/sub processes, Customer journey and scenarios. Nevertheless it is shown in the change state dialog for every other item.
46763 Setting Permissions don’t work reliable Multiple kind of data inconsistencies regarding permissions and permission-controls
47309 SolMan: Newly Created Documents from SolMan are not transferred to Symbio on library synch
45983 ZD#5132 Consolidate/Admin: Data inconsistency after consolidating expired objects Orphaned expired repository versions still exist after consolidation and lead to data inconsistencies.

Once „DataInc“ fixed, expired object visible again in Symbio.

46640 PenTest: [S11] No file type checking for uploaded files Uploading arbitrary file types could result in unexpecting behaviour
46901 ZD#5242 SYMX: Re-Import into same database leads to empty corrupt diagrams Main Process diagram is not visible anymore due to invalid shapes.
31212 ZD#3691


Editor Graphic: Link in organization graphic doesn’t navigate to Organization (same for systems) In the graphical editor the link of an Organization does not lead to the respective  Organization architecture nor its Detail Content.
48427 Online help menu and Editor graphic: layouts broken When activating background and outline windows, the layout is not displayed correctly.
39461 ZD#5012 PermaLinks for Variants are not working because links go to Master version Permalinks to selection in process variant are currently not supported
44969 ZD#4714 Valid: Version hint still shown when follow-up version expired The valid version is shown with the hint that a new version will be valid soon still in place – but there is no version available to navigate to, as it is expired.
48756 Symbio Core: Process management positions tooltip not renamable The tooltip for the „Process Management Positions“ attribute is not renamable via extend configuration
49034 AssignedTo in Approval Workflow does not work When opening the task board, the Approve/Reject buttons in the Detail Content are not available
48551 ZD#5405
Change state dialog: Changes to Quality Manager or Approver are not saved when a custom Release Cycle configuration is in place If any release cycle configurations are in place and active, the maintenance of Quality Manager / Approver via change state dialogue will not work (workaround – maintain via detail content)
48750 ZD#5424 Detail Content/AutoComplete: Selected entry in drop-down list becomes „invisible The DropDown menu entries in the Detail Content become blanked out when the Mouse Pointer is on them
48545 Excel Data Import: old Items are not set to expired, not changed items get always a new version
48689 ZD#5413 Mail Favorites: Elements where the Expiry Workflow has been started are also included in the Favorite Mail
49382 Symbio Core: Distribution: Tags are not distributed/not working as filter
46788 ZD#5235 Favorite Manager: Group can only be shared with 18 users To share the favorites with more users, a new group had to be created
20993 ZD#2079 Release workflow: Processes can be released although valid until is in the past and no warning shown in dialog
46559 ZD#5208 Role Entries: Click on the Name in one of the lists brings you to the process list in the role entry If you click on a document, input/output etc. in the role entry in the viewer mode, you always end up at the processes.
39027 Release Workflow: Valid Until date can be earlier than Valid From date
48955 ZD#5454 Release Workflow: Note for start of validity / state change If the release and validity dates are in the past, no notification of start/end of validity is displayed when logging in as a quality manager in the task board.
45795 ZD#5117 ZD#5206 ZD#5479 Workflow: InfoTasks are staying in „ToDo“ status instead of „Done“ After release InfoTasks remain in status „ToDo“ instaed of „Done“. Viewer are cannot close InfoTasks.
49768 ZD#5532 Evaluation Group for KPIs showing evaluated goals is missing Evaluation Group for KPIs showing evaluated goals is not available
47479 ZD#5067 SYSTEMS facet: incorrect display of dependencies If applications are mutually set in Detail Content as „Serves application“ the arrows are only displayed in one direction instead ot mutually.
24536 ZD#3013 Not all RASCI roles are shown in the process matrix when using global taks For tasks and global tasks not all RASCI role assignments are considered in process matrix.
22246 Method: Customer Journey Map Steps Stereotypes not configurable Unable to add a stereotype for the Customer Journey step
49792 ZD#5433 Chinese export file missing docx and pdf manuals are not generated in Chinese
27564 Method: Capability: Process Assignment „Realizing processes“ should not allow process creation Creation of the new processes from realizing processes is disabled. Only existing processes can be added.
22263 Method: Milestone: Connection direction for CTX_IS_ASSUMED is not correct