März 2022

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Folgende Qualitätsanforderungen wurden umgesetzt:


2889 ZD#2377, #5046 Process Matrix: Missing NavDeeper on Interfaces and Repository objects NavDeeper menu vor diagram navigation is now available in much more views (for editor and viewer), also NavDeeper navigation for repository objects has been enabled
13417 ZD#2860, ZD#4538 Widgets: Editor mode: Last released processes empty if higher version in process exists Widgets: Editor mode: Process is not shown in ‚Last released processes‘ list if higher version of the process exists.
22266 ZD#3724, ZD#4665, ZD#4796 Detail Content: Process Occurs In appears twice and shows also expired processes In the Editor mode, expired versions of processes are shown in „Occurs in“ section of Detail Content of related processes. Usually all versions should be shown except expired ones. In the viewer mode, released process versions are shown twice.
24590 ZD#3002, ZD#4819 Links in Editor Graphic not correct after new version Names of links in editor graphic are not updated after changing their names.
26309 ZD#3141 Method: Lists: inconsistent columns Column name of the table does not correspond to the content of the corresponding column below.
27426 ZD#3276, ZD#3890, ZD#4293, ZD#4836 Input/Output, requirements, KPI reference for scenarios Input/Outputs  that are linked to scenarios should be listed in the Detail Content as „Is input for“/“Is output of“, and accordingly for requirements and KPIs (tbd).
27874 ZD#3372 WebJobScheduler/Valid: New versions are set to expired because of same valid from date in predecessor The latest version has been set to expired because the transition for version 1.0 already executed the state change from „Released“ to „Valid“ and all other versions if any to Expired even higher version exists.
33343 ZD#3885, ZD#4061, ZD#3815, ZD#4542 Duplicate storage menu entries Duplicate database entries should not be shown in storage dropdown menu.
34514 ZD#3976, ZD#2920 Print Button: Editor Graphic truncated if larger than Din A4 The editor graphic print is truncated to Din A4. Changing to A2 does not change.
35084 ZD#4167, ZD#4334, ZD#4339, ZD#4355, ZD#3475, ZD#4546 Mail Notification: Links don’t work in mails „Notification on changes of related elements“ Links in eMail notification do not lead to the related elements. In addition process names are not always shown.
39385 ZD#3872 Sub Process flow content can not be copied/moved to a sub process that is a child of an released sub process If content is to be copied/moved into a Sub Process below a released Sub Process, this is currently not possible – unless a new version of the released Sub Process is created.
39819 Graphical editor: embedded links in „Text“ module no not work In the graphical editor Links that are embedded in the Free Text field do not work after saving.
41062 ZD#4626 Emails Notifications corrupted in French 1036 and Spanish 1034 EMails notifications in French and Spanish language are not correct and links do not work as expected.
43772 ZD#4917 Document Editor template can not be edited if architectural permission are activated After activating the feature  „Permissions for architectures“  the maintenance of the document templates doesn’t work anymore.
44168 ZD#4916 Comparison dialog doesn’t show changes for reviewer in viewer mode Comparison dialog shows an error for reviewers in Viewer mode
44443 ZD#4979 Favorites, Subscription show more lists from start page have no functional links Configured „Show More“ Lists have no functional Link available. Link available only in the Start Page List Widget or Favorite Fly Out Menu in the Toolbar.
45051 ZD#5037 Words starting with „sy“ are automatically changed into
Words starting with „sy“ are automatically changed into „Symbio“.
45123 ZD#5055, ZD#5052 Chrome: Text in shapes with zoom level 60% are moving after hovering over them In Chrome browser and using zoom functionality < 100% the text in shapes is moved after hovering.
46378 ZD#5195 Scaling graphics or images in description field not possible When inserting images or graphics into the description field of a task in the Detail Content, you can set the size (formatting), but it is not applied and e.g. the size resets to the original size of the image every time.