Working with Symbio and Visio

Visio allows you to model your processes quickly and easily: Complement the Microsoft solution with Symbio!

With the digital revolution, the complexity of the market and thus the complexity in companies has increased continuously in recent years. Drivers include technological progress in automation technology, increasing demands and ever shorter change cycles.

All these reasons are putting pressure on companies to digitalise and thus automate methods, management and control of employees to a greater extent. Knowledge must be made available in the right place at the right time. In today’s digital world, this task is not knowledge management, but a business success factor.

Visio is THE tool in which data is visualised in professional diagrams. This happens at the digital workplace of every user. The tool is used just like other products of the Microsoft Office group – optimal for presentations, reports, audits and process visualisation.

But to get a holistic overview of the organisation, Symbio is the perfect complement. Because you can only live a continuous improvement process if you know all the relevant information and interrelationships in the entire organisation.

  • How is continuous improvement achieved with Symbio? Knowledge lies idle in the company. We make your data available company-wide with Symbio. With the overview gained, you can continuously develop your organisation. This also makes compliance-compliant work possible, as every employee now has access to all relevant information.
  • Making knowledge available in the organisation Normally, information becomes out of date quickly. Changes to processes are not transparent for your employees. In the future, your organization's knowledge will now be stored in a central database, controlled and partially updated automatically. Every employee has access to what he or she needs: The system shows where people need to be empowered.
  • Always up to date Symbio expands the functional scope of Visio. In future, it will support the execution of operational activities in the company. The system is responsible for directing and confirming change notices regarding process and documents in the company. The training needs of each employee are controlled.
  • Developing the organisation Responsibilities are clearly defined in the system, as they are stored directly in the process. Based on this information, everyone can approach the responsible employee in a targeted manner. If changes occur, those responsible must inform colleagues who use the application. Those responsible can immediately see who is using the system. This makes dependencies on other applications comprehensible.